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  • How a Husband and Wife Transformed Their Business and Created Mutual and Clear Goals

    "How A Husband And Wife Transformed Their Business And Created Mutual and Clear Goals"

    The case study explores how the owners of a Sandwich Shop were able to meet both their goals as a husband-and-wife team while increasing income and reducing the burden and frustrations of running a small business.

    David is a firefighter who loves his work. But he was nearing retirement and wanted an exit strategy that would give him and his wife an income and a shared interest. He decided to open a small sandwich shop. He planned to run the business and continue working as a fireman. Although he had no formal business training, he was a quick learner and soon he opened one more location.


    As the business grew, David's wife, Beth, managed many of the day-to-day operations. Beth worked tirelessly and often late at night. Inspired by their success, the couple wanted to expand and open more shops. Beth was totally against it. She was stretched to her limit and was not ready to take on more responsibility.

    David and Beth realized that what they needed was a long term plan.  Their next call was to their CPA.


    Their CPA realized they needed to create a plan that would deliver two equally important outcomes:

    1. A plan that would continue to grow and expand the business without taking a toll on the owners and their marriage. 
    2. A structured road map for Beth to allow her to manage the business rather than work as an employee. The CPA developed a financial dashboard, KPIs (Key Performance Measurements) for Beth and a job description for her new assistant. 


    • Beth was able to reduce her workload and improve the business' efficiency and profits. 
    • The increased cash flow that was generated as a result of their business plan and day-to-day focus, allowed the couple to focus on even greater expansion. 
    • Most importantly, David and Beth were able to spend more quality time together and enjoy their success. David started to enroll in management classes to prepare for his full time gig as an entrepreneur. 

    Feeling stressed? Confused? Need some clarity and planning? Contact any one of us and let's set up your initial complimentary review. We'll start with finances and expand into other critical areas of your business. 

    Thanks for your time and your business and our best wishes for continued success.  

    Saranto Calamas | 10/29/2017

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